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    The Go. Do. Be. Society is a community of go-getters & innovators who are driven by passion to execute ideas. We provide tools, connections, and support to hold each other accountable to living our best lives.

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    The Go. Do. Be. Mastermind and Coaching:

    "I still can't believe I'm really proactively working on things I've been dreaming about for a while now and making progress. I keep waiting for someone to say, 'just kidding!' "

    "The Mastermind helped me experience the benefits of surrounding myself with business minded folks. Rather than feeling awkward about talking ideas, strategies and visions, I felt embraced."

    "I'm so appreciative for this space to share where we can pour into each other in these vulnerable moments, learn from them and also celebrate our wins!"

    "You have curated something amazing and needed and should be shared with the world!"

    "I would recommend the Mastermind group to a friend simply for the camaraderie and the experience of connecting with like minded individuals across the U.S. Also, being exposed to the wealth of resources within the group is priceless."

    "I now approach my goals in smaller steps, giving myself more room to think, brainstorm etc before jumping into implementation. Which has helped me not become overwhelmed as much."

    "Realizing that we all have similar characteristics helped me not be so harsh on myself. The Mastermind helped to identify that others experience the rollercoaster of emotions through this journey. I have now adjusted how I set my goals, I write shorter list. Also, the necessity of building a community and having an accountability partner is definitely necessary."

    "I've become more open and tougher with receiving honest critique from people who are 'outside' of my daily circle of friends."

    "Hey Tay, just wanted to thank you again for the 1 on 1 yesterday. It was extremely helpful. I know what I want to do right now. Thank you for reminding me that I got y'all! I'm super excited and feeling confident in where everything is."

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