• Eliminate OVERWHELM & *Finally* EXECUTE on your ideas.

  • I know how you feel...

    ...You have the best ideas but struggle with executing.


    ...You’re smart but keep feeling like you don't know enough to launch just yet.


    ...You are overwhelmed and need structure to organize your thoughts.


    ...You know what you need to do but it’s hard to stay focused without overthinking.

  • You are NOT alone and you are NOT behind.

    I've been there too.


    I took all of the classes, webinars, and online courses.


    Yet for some reason, I was still overthinking instead of executing.


    Until I realized that my problem wasn’t that I wasn’t prepared or smart enough...


    ...my problem was that I was trying to do it alone.


    Have you been struggling to figure it all out on your own?

  • The Mastermind is your missing peace.


    Clarity + strategic direction with step-by-step action steps so that you know exactly what to focus on.


    Weekly checkins + feedback with an intimate group of people who are personally invested in you


    Tangible progress toward your goals. Finally get the structure you need to go from brand to business!

  • What you will gain:

    • Clarity so you no longer feel overwhelmed
    • Coaching on what actions to focus on
    • Accountability to make sure you do what you set out to do
    • Tangible results toward your goals
    • Confidence from your own follow through and seeing your skills at work
    • An intimate group of people who are personally invested in you and your goals
    • A network of like minded people
    • New perspectives on what is possible for yourself
    • Fulfillment from working on what matters most to you
    • Resources and potential business partners
    • Lifelong friends from around the world
    • Much, much more!

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    Zoe joined in 2017.


    During the Mastermind, she launched


    a professional organization


    that advocates for increasing


    diversity in the hospitality industry.


    Over a year later,


    her organization is continuing to grow


    and positively impact the community.


    Which move is the world waiting on

    you to make?

  • Real Results from Past Participants

    • Lené launched her first online product and doubled her income, quadrupled her email list, grew her podcast following, and was able to hit 10K on Instagram  
    • Marlena grew her email list and laid the foundation for the launch of her first online course
    • Jena launched a postcard travel company, which was featured in SF Chronicle, and now hosts International travel experiences on behalf of her company​
    • Jackie launched an online course and a Virtual Assistant agency
    • Andrea launched an image + lifestyle consulting business and shared her story in a feature documentary
    • Jamese launched a lifestyle blog empowering women of color to make confident financial decisions
    • Kaitlyn launched a personal brand on living transparently
    • Rashawn launched a girls' program that continues to help teenage girls gain important life skills
    • Zoe formed a thriving professional organization that is impacting the hospitality industry in the Bay Area
    • Lauren hosted a multi-city event series showcasing different cultures from around the world
    • Bianca relaunched her travel, yoga, and lifestyle blog + is hosting wellness workshops throughout the East Coast
    • Sherry produced an R&B album + launched her project management business
    • Ebony launched her online fashion company that eliminates brands by designers of color
    • Aundréa launched her dream career and made a major international career move
    • Kristen got clear on her goals and launched her first campaign for her marketing consulting business

  • What other move-makers have to say about

    The Mastermind:

    "Before I joined the Make Moves Mastermind, I was in the process of launching my first product. It was a nightmare.


    I was really confused and didn’t have the network or community to help support me in what I was trying to do.


    Through the Mastermind, I ended up launching my first product and matching my income. I quadrupled my email list, grew my podcast following, and was able to hit 10k on Instagram."

    - Lené, Singapore, Singapore

    "I had a lot of things popping off in my business during the time that went through the mastermind.


    I really needed the consistency and structure that Taylor provided through the mastermind


    As far as the push to get things completed it was just so beneficial to me. I also benefited greatly from a lot of the nuggets that Taylor herself has gotten from her own coaching that she invests in. One, in particular, was able to grow my [email] list. That in and of itself was pure gold for me."

    - Marlena, Indianapolis, Indiana

    "Before the mastermind, I was struggling to finally accomplish my goal of launching a blog and figuring out what I needed to do to make that happen.


    After participating, I successfully launched my blog and I was able to figure out how to focus on one thing without freaking out.


    Her masterminds are really execution or implementation sessions … helping you to figure out 'Why am I not making this move? What’s getting in the way?' And then getting that thing out of the way with her support and the support of the other entrepreneurs in the group."

    - Jamese, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    "[The Make Moves Mastermind] was just honestly a godsend to me. Prior to the Mastermind, I was really a planner.


    I had so many ideas and I would write so many things down and I would start a bunch of stuff but not really follow through with it… I never got anything done and I was just all over the place.


    The Make Moves Mastermind] helped me gain clarity on where to start and where to build roots for everything else to grow from.


    Now I know what I want to do. I figured out a way to do it.

    - Kaitlyn, Atlanta, Georgia

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    "I can't rave enough about the power of joining a mastermind, especially one led by someone as thoughtful as Taylor. You can tell how much she cares on a personal level and how much she enjoys helping you not only succeed, but also feel good while working toward your goals.


    I joined the mastermind to help myself execute on my entrepreneurial and career goals, and each week I received guidance, coaching, and accountability toward specific short-term goals that she helped me get clearer on. I


    f you're a creative or professional who's interested in taking action to level up and developing a close-knit community around your goals, I would definitely recommend joining the Make Moves Mastermind."

    - Kristen, Washinton DC

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    "I would definitely recommend this group to anyone who needs that accountability but also additional resources to further their brand, project, or business.


    You will definitely benefit from the intimacy of this group as well as the individualized experiences provided specifically for your needs.


    Tay has been a huge support system for me both personally and professionally and who definitely has your best interest at heart and never afraid to give it to you real but knows when you just need that encouragement too!


    Piloting my program I felt a sense of confidence and certainty that I know what I know and anything I’m unfamiliar with I have a network to problem solve with!"

    - Rashawn, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    "[Before the Make Moves Mastermind] I didn’t know where to start with my project and I was overwhelmed. Taylor does a really good job of creating a plan of action…


    Through the Mastermind I met great resources, got my tax ID number, figured out my perfect business model, and filed my LLC.


    If you want … help pushing you toward your goals, definitely I would recommend the Make Moves Mastermind."

    - Ebony, Los Angeles, California

    I’m still benefitting from the wealth of tools and information on how to best market my business and grow it…


    Since I benefited so much from being a part of this Mastermind Group, I would highly recommend it to those of us who are goal-driven people.


    I’m a firm believer that the best way to accomplish a goal is to have accountability and what better way to have accountability than to be a part of [The MAke Moves Mastermind] group?"

    - Sherry, Chicago, Illinois

    "Life before the mastermind ... I had no real sense of direction and I had ideas but not really a way to implement them or accountability for them or people to go to with questions.


    During the mastermind, what I liked the most is that whatever questions or doubts I had, I knew that I was going to go to a space where I can safely share whatever doubts were going on and I was going to get answers to my questions.


    Taylor is a wealth of knowledge and if you have been wanting to do something for years, trust that you will get it done with Taylor. It has made such a difference for me and my business."

    - Jacqueline, Los Angeles, California

    "I wanted to touch on how transformational [The Make Move Mastermind] was for me and how much it helped me with my goals and aligning myself with things I didn’t even know I was unaligned from...


    Having other people believe in my goal with me and want the very same for me helped me get closer to what my needs were...and led me to success. I just feel blessed and honored to have been part of other women’s journeys. Just knowing that someone was there made all the difference…


    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience something that really and truly changed my life.​"

    - Aundrea, Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • "I still can't believe I'm really proactively working on things I've been dreaming about for a while now and making progress. I keep waiting for someone to say, 'just kidding!' "

    "If you’re looking to reach your goals, stop procrastinating, overcome fear, overcome overwhelm, figure out what you need to do because you’re not exactly sure, Tay’s mastermind is perfect for that.​"

    "If you’re struggling with accomplishing your goals, if time has passed and you haven’t figured out what it is that’s getting in your way, she can help you to not only figure that out but to also get that thing out of your way."

    "If you are a planner and you don’t know how to take action to actually make those moves, I highly suggest that you join the Make Moves Mastermind because it will get the ball rolling for you and help you start making those moves."

    "The mastermind experience for me was amazing. It was great to have that consistent structure every single week. Especially when everything else seemed to be all over the place as far as work in my business."

    "I highly recommend the Mastermind if you have a lot of things going on in your business and you just need someone or a group there to help you stay sane throughout what you’re building. It was so SO good for me and my business."

    "I now approach my goals in smaller steps, giving myself more room to think, brainstorm, etc. before jumping into implementation. Which has helped me not become overwhelmed as much."

    "The Mastermind helped me experience the benefits of surrounding myself with business-minded folks. Rather than feeling awkward about talking ideas, strategies and visions, I felt embraced."

    "I would recommend the Mastermind group to a friend simply for the camaraderie and the experience of connecting with like-minded individuals across the U.S. Also, being exposed to the wealth of resources within the group is priceless."

    "Hey Tay, just wanted to thank you again for the 1 on 1 yesterday. It was extremely helpful. I know what I want to do right now. Thank you for reminding me that I got y'all! I'm super excited and feeling confident in where everything is."

    "I'm so appreciative for this space to share where we can pour into each other in these vulnerable moments, learn from them and also celebrate our wins!"

    "I was able to bounce my ideas off of Taylor but also the community of people that were also in the same place as me which I found extremely helpful."

    "I joined the mastermind as a way to get that community but also to get Taylor's expert advice on how to launch, what strategies to keep in place, how to make sure I have the right mindset, and how to continue to push forward."

    "I am so impressed at [Taylor's] business intelligence & just her all around perceptiveness and ability to generate constructive ideas literally off the top of her head."


    "I really appreciated the structure that the mastermind provided. It lit a fire under me."

    "Thank you so much for the Mastermind. It is so needed and so beneficial."

    "Realizing that we all have similar characteristics helped me not be so harsh on myself. The Mastermind helped to identify that others experience the rollercoaster of emotions through this journey. I have now adjusted how I set my goals, I write shorter lists. Also, the necessity of building a community and having an accountability partner is definitely necessary."


    'Taylor shines at taking big projects/seemingly overwhelming goals and breaking them down into manageable tasks that you can knock out little by little, with the help of your own personal cheerleaders — a community of fellow go-getters. Having this community to vibe with — bounce ideas off of, fellowship with, uplift, and genuinely support each other — was my favorite aspect of participating in the mastermind."

    "I've become more open and tougher with receiving honest critique from people who are 'outside' of my daily circle of friends."

    "You have curated something amazing and needed and should be shared with the world!"

  • My Story

    Just like you, I was always a go-getter.


    But for some reason when it came to my own passion projects—my website, my blog, my online business—I never felt like I knew enough.


    I spent a lot of money, time, and stress on:


    - Online courses that taught me information but not how to implement


    - Networking events that left me feeling more empty than connected


    - Planning ideas but getting overwhelmed with figuring out where to start

    It was EXHAUSTING helping others build confidence in their businesses yet not being able to sort through my own ideas...

  • Until I created a winning environment for myself.

    - I found professional coaching to help me figure out a structure.


    - I got accountability partners to make sure I did what I said I was going to do.


    - And I created a community of entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of so that I wasn’t alone.


    I finally had a structure that worked, a place to vent, and people to celebrate my wins with.

  • And then everything changed...

    ...The way I carry myself.


    ...The way I articulate myself and my business.


    ...My perspective on life.

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    Investing in coaching, community, and accountability helped me go from ideas + planning to actually executing.


    I realized that I wasn’t the only ambitious person who was stuck trying to figure things out on my own.


    A lot of people are trying to make moves on our own and it’s overwhelming.


    But it doesn't have to be.

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